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Take Back Your Yard with Mosquito Control

Take back your yard this summer with mosquito barrier control from Mosquito Squad of Northeast Arkansas. Our advanced synthetic spray is designed to eliminate up to 90% of the mosquito populations in your yard and keep them away for up to 21 days. Whether you need a one-time solution or long-term relief from mosquitoes and ticks, we have a program that’s perfect for you.

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If you live in the Jonesboro area, contact our NE Arkansas office today at 870-330-7070 to schedule a free consultation with our mosquito control experts.

How Our Mosquito Control Barrier Works

The mosquito control barrier we offer at Mosquito Squad of NE Arkansas kills existing mosquito populations on your property. We will spray around areas where mosquitoes are likely to live and lay eggs to drastically reduce the pests in your yard. The spray acts as a shield around your property, keeping incoming mosquitoes from getting in for up to 21 days. The barrier may need to be reapplied before the 21-day period if you have experienced frequent rain around your home.

Mosquito Squad also offers an all-natural mosquito control barrier made from essential oils. It can provide protection for your yard for up to 14 days. Call us today at 870-330-7070 to learn more.

How to Maximize the Impact of Your Mosquito Control Barrier

Want to get the most out of your mosquito control barrier? Here are a few quick tips to make that happen:

  • Start treatment early in mosquito season to cut out the populations before they reproduce.

  • Enroll in continual mosquito barrier control so our professionals can spray your home on a routine schedule. We will remind you in advance about an upcoming spray, and you do not have to be present when we treat your yard.

  • Water your yard the day before your treatment, and avoid watering for a few days afterward.

  • If you notice an increase in mosquito activity before your scheduled treatment, contact Mosquito Squad of NE Arkansas at 870-330-7070 so we can come out to your home sooner.
  • You may also want to look into our automatic misting systems to spray your yard 2-8 times a day. We will service and fill the misters for you and hide them discreetly throughout your yard. Give us a call to discuss all of your treatment options and find out which mosquito control solution is perfect for you.

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